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BS National 14″ x 12″ Eke


  • Made from *Western Red Cedar this eke fits on top of your BS National Brood Box to easily convert it to allow the use of 14 x 12 frames.
  • Two end pieces fit inside your National box to ensure the two parts are locked and there is no movement of the eke in high winds.
  • Flat packed ready for assembly
  • Nails and steel frame runners included

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Warranty: 30 Days

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All of our wax foundation is made from sterilized recycled pure bees wax sourced within the UK. We do not use wax from other countries as wax from overseas is often not sterile, and may carry pathogens or bee diseases, as well as often being adulterated with paraffin wax or other waxes not conducive to bee health.

*Due to environmental and sustainability considerations, our complete hives and hive parts are now fabricated from UK grown Western Red Cedar (Thuja Plicata).

Not only is this source sustainable, but it also vastly decreases the carbon footprint incurred by importing foreign timber.

Although the same species as its Pacific North West cousin, UK grown Western Red Cedar is paler in colour and does contain some knots. It does however offer the same durability when it comes to construction and weathering.

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