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BS National Hive – Western Red Cedar – Frames & Wax


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* Western Red Cedar Complete Hive with frames and wax – Flat packed ready for assembly

Comprising of:

  • BS National Brood box
  • 10 DN4 Self spacing frames
  • Brood dummy board
  • Wired Brood wax foundation
  • Steel frame runners
  • BS National Super box
  • 10 SN1 Shallow frames
  • Metal castellations
  • Wired Super wax foundation
  • Galvanized Roof
  • Crown Board
  • Porter bee escapes
  • Open mesh floor with inspection drawer – Assembled
  • Entrance Block
  • Queen Excluder
  • Assembly Nails
  • Assembly instructions


*Due to environmental and sustainability considerations, our complete hives and hive parts are now fabricated from UK grown Western Red Cedar (Thuja Plicata). Although the same species as its Pacific North West cousin, UK grown Western Red Cedar is paler in colour and does contain some knots. It does however offer the same durability when it comes to construction and weathering.

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Weight 20 kg